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Podcasts: Genealogy Journey

Listening and ironing
Listening and ironing. Both the podcast and the work were over before I knew it.

One of today’s goals was to make it through a basket of ironing and I decided to check out a new podcast from Gena and Jean Genealogy Journey (Gena Philibert-Ortega, MA  and Jean Wilcox Hibben, Ph.D.,CG) while I worked. I saw mention of it on Facebook and our website,, is one of the sponsors for their upcoming cruise, so I was curious to hear what it was all about.

It was a perfect listen for an endeavoring genealogist.

For one thing, I learned to think of “genealogy” and “family history” as two different concepts and I probably won’t  be using them interchangeably anymore. Think of it like this: genealogy is focused on the facts–the names and dates, for example–and family history is focused on the lives that the people lived.

And then, there’s the whole idea of “social history.” It’s something that I’ve thought about and absorbed, but it isn’t something that I’ve studied and I’m looking forward to hearing more. I’m intrigued by the mention of some of the upcoming topics–education, laws, disease, disasters, games, prisons, and manners, to name a few.

And I discovered the answer to something I was wondering about the other day. The 1950 United States census will become available seven years from when the podcast was recorded or, more specifically, on April 1, 2022.

One of the things Gena and Jean will be doing is sharing stories and today’s was about Jean’s father teaching her to sing children’s songs while he played them on the piano.

Neither of my parents played a musical instrument when I was growing up (although my father played a brass instrument during high school (tuba?) and dabbled with a fancy harmonica briefly), but I found myself looking back fondly on the times when I’d hang over the back seat of the car (before the days of seat belts) and sing with him as we drove. Sometimes it was silly songs–“Old folks, young folks, everybody come …” Sometimes it was popular songs. And, sometimes he just sang random phrases so that I could repeat them back.

The podcast is pre-recorded, but it sounds like there’s a members-only page coming where listeners will have an opportunity to ask questions–and maybe share their own stories. And, a Facebook page is in the works.

Subscribe to their blog for updates. And tune in. I’m looking forward to it!